Weekly: 3 players to follow on dribbble

In this series of posts I want to start recommending you players, who are interesting to follow on dribbble. I'll try to select not so well-known guys in community (because everyone already knows, loves and follows All-stars players), but those who'll be (I hope) a small discovery for you. Because all of them are great professionals in their fields, and their works are really inspirational and help us to grow and move on. So, let's get started.

1. Mc Baldassari

24 years old french illustrator from the Montreal. She draws just amazing girls. By the way, some of her prints can be bought on her website, check it out


2. Nick Visser

Freelance illustrator from Netherlands, Rotterdam. He has a blog, where he writes about his working process.


3. Michael Miroshnikov (aka ma11k)

Icon designer, who works for one of the famous design studios in Russia — “Art. Lebedev Studio”. He draws icons for popular social network, called “Vkontakte”. Also check Mike's personal website, where you can find more of his works


That's all for this time!

Hope you enjoyed it, please feel free to leave your comments and feedbacks

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