Dribbble Follow #3

dribbblefollow New issue of my recommendations about, who to follow on dribbble. And I decided shorten the name to the “Dribbble Follow”

Kurtis Beavers

Freelance illustrator from Bloomington, IN. Kurtis has a nice style of illustrations with really pleasant color combinations. Be sure to check his website for more of his works

Cutters Brewing Co. Empire Stout Cornzilla Combine Austin Skyline

Joaquim Marques Nielsen

That guy has really cool minimal style of illustrations. And I guess you already noticed, that I'm digging this style. I didn't found his website, but here's his Behance profile, where you can check few more of his works.

Fjordens Dag 2011 Pemanent Red Audatronic

Sergio Ordonez

Mascot illustrator from Berlin, Germany. By the way, he has a blog, where he shows video of working process of his illustrations.

Sexy Liberty SOS Factory Mascot design Peerfly NY SandSlides Mascot

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