Parsing Colors from Image in Photoshop

Recently, Marc Edwards from @Bjango wrote an article on creating color palettes using adjustment layers. Pretty neat idea. But getting all of the color values from resulting image manually can be tedious. So, I made a script that solves this problem.

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RotateMe 3.0

Hey I made a new version of RotateMe script, previous one was a bit too simple because I wrote it for SmashingMag article to overview scripting for Photoshop, so I decided to create something more interesting with new UI and fancy functions. And here it is.

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Transform Each 2.0

Main You know that feeling, when you look at your old works and think “What was I thinking!”. So, I looked at Transform Each script with same thoughts and decided to make an update for it.

I rewrote it from the ground, fixed previous bugs, redesigned the interface and added some features, which were requested in comments.

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Group Layer Renaming (Script)

Hey! I made a script. Again. This time (I hope) it will help you with group layer renaming. Script can append, prepend or replace layer name with entered text.

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Introduction To Photoshop Scripting

I finished an article about basics of writing scripts for Photoshop. I walk through some theory of Photoshop Object Model and then I show step by step process of writing RotateMe script (which is remastered version of my old action). Hope it will help some of you to get started.

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