Lighten / Darken Color (Script)

Lighten / Darken Color While working on one project I came up with a small script that helps dealing with color in Photoshop, thought that it can be useful for someone else, so I decided to share it here

Long story short, script makes you able to setup a hotkeys for changing foreground color's brightness

There are actually two scripts: one increases brightness by 10% and another decreases it


Of course, you can do it manually in color picker or in Color panel, but I always wanted to have a hotkey for this. If you missed this too, download link and instructions are below.


Latest version of the script can be downloaded here.


In the archive you'll find two script files: [KAM] Color Darken.jsx and [KAM] Color Lighten.jsx

You have to put them into Photoshop/Presets/Scripts/, just like regular scripts, nothing special


Then, you have to restart Photoshop and go to `Edit → Keyboard Shortcuts...thenFile >,Scripts >`` look for just installed scripts and setup hotkeys for them. My shortcuts look like this:

  • Color Darken — cmd+alt+[
  • Color Lighten — cmd+alt+]

I was kind of surprised that they were available. After configuring hotkeys you are ready to go.


Yeah, again blog-post about scripts for Photoshop. And I can not promise you that it will be the last one — I have few more in the development process :P

Anyway, hope this will be helpful in your workflow. Have a good summer everyone!

P.S.: And sorry for my poor English guys, hehe (read recently in Twitter that someone is lol'ing about it)

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